Eve Ashley



Psychotherapy with children

Psychotherapy with children includes meetings with their parents to find out about worries and hopes. The therapist will ask for some details such as a family history, and how long the problem has been around, and contact the GP if the parents wish to do so.

Further meetings can be with the child alone, whilst the parents wait on site, or it may be that the therapy is with both parent and child alternately, or simultaneously. The therapist will assess what seems to be the right way to work with the problems, and will discuss how the decisions are reached with the parents at all times. Sometimes the therapy is regular, weekly sessions with a child, and this can be as short as one or two sessions, or extend for several months, depending on the problem, and how the parents and child feel about it all. In the therapy toys and games, art materials and sand trays are used freely to help the child express themselves and enjoy coming for their sessions.